Class Participation Guidelines

Regular class participation is required at Eastern Florida State College. Students are expected to attend all classes and actively participate and complete all assigned course work for all courses for which they are registered. In order to obtain credit for a course, a student must demonstrate continued classroom participation as identified by the faculty to meet the competencies of the course.

Students who are reported as never attending a course will be withdrawn from the class. Financial Aid and Veterans benefits will be adjusted or rescinded accordingly.

Only registered students may attend class sessions; unregistered persons may not attend class sessions (this includes but is not limited to children/spouses/relatives/friends of registered students attending class sessions with or in place of registered students), except in circumstances where SAIL has approved an accommodation.

Clock Hours Class Attendance

No more than 10% of class time may be considered excused absences that are not required to be made up. An instructor may follow a stricter policy in his/her class. If a student needs to make up hours beyond the 10% excused absence policy, make-up clock hours must be completed under instructor supervision by the last published class date for the completion period. Make-up hours must be recorded, signed by the instructor, and submitted to financial aid on the approved form.

Online Class Participation

Online students must complete an academic activity such as submit an assignment, take an assessment or quiz or post to the discussion board to maintain active classroom participation. Logging in and out of an online course does not constitute active participation. Students who are withdrawn from online courses will have their access to the Canvas classroom blocked.