Registration is the process of identifying, selecting and requesting classes each term. There are usually several choices for the same class, so a student may select the days, times, campus and method of delivery according to personal preference and schedule. The quickest and easiest way to register is via the EFSC website. Visit the Registration page for instructions.

Prior to registering, students must be admitted to the College, be an active student, and have no registration holds. Holds can be viewed on the Message Center on the myEFSC portal.

There are three registration periods:

  1. Regular Registration. This runs from the date online registration begins through fee due date.
  2. Late Registration. This runs from the day following the first fee due date (full term) through the day before classes begin.
  3. Add/Drop: Week of Financial Responsibility. This is the first week of class. Students are financially liable for all courses appearing on their schedule beyond the last day to drop.

Prior to registering, students should check the Academic Calendar to determine registration dates. Students should also visit an advisor during non-registration periods to discuss academic progress and map out an education plan.

Meet with an Advisor

All first-time in college students must meet with their assigned advisor. Students are encouraged to consult with their advisor every term to monitor progress. Student advisors will assist students to develop an educational plan of study, select classes, and address other academic concerns.

Academic advising is available on all campuses by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Advisors are located in the Student Services Center at each campus. Students and advisors will have more time to interact during non-peak registration times.

Class Load

To ensure student success, the College has established the following guidelines.

Class Load Semester Hours
Maximum Class Load 18
Advisor's Signature Needed 19-21
Associate Dean/Dean Approval 22 or more

Registration Holds 

Students' records may have a hold that prevents them from registering for classes. Typical reasons for a hold include outstanding debt, incomplete admission records, missing placement test results, or academic holds. Check with the appropriate department to clear the hold.

Obtain a Student Photo ID

Students must obtain a Photo Identification Card. These can be obtained through Security at any of the campus security offices. The photo ID card is designed to be carried in the wallet, and also serves as the student's library card. There is no charge for the card. However, there will be a charge for replacement of lost cards. To obtain a Student Photo ID Card, take a copy of your class registration, along with a photo ID, to the campus security office. Make sure that the name and address on the registration and photo ID are the same.

Obtain a Parking Permit

Students are required to have a parking permit that can be obtained for a fee. Please contact the campus Security Office for more information on how and where to obtain the permit. Students may park in the student parking lots only (designated by signs and/or white lines). Restricted areas are: Disabled (blue), Faculty/Staff (yellow), and Fire Lanes (red). Fines are assessed for failure to display a valid parking permit. Students must obey all parking and traffic regulations. A 15 mile-per-hour speed limit applies to all EFSC campuses and is strictly enforced. Student records may be placed on hold for unpaid fines.